Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Writing Paragraphs

We are learning to write paragraphs we use a set of traffic lights to help us!

Green light is the Topic Sentence and is the first sentence in a paragraph, it tells us what the paragraph will be about.
Orange light is the Supporting Sentences which add detail and they need to be about your topic.
Red light is the Ending Sentence which closes your paragraph, it means that your paragraph is finished.

Here are Haley's and Amy's paragraphs:

On Saturday I played netball with my team.
In my team there are 7 girls and 1 girl with a broken  arm. We were versing Willowbank. They were the top of the table and we were second to last.  I played GA, GD and C. I loved playing netball even though it was pouring down with rain and my partner for GA was twice the height of me.

By Hailey

Amy Adams
On Saturday I played a game of netball. Our team played Willowbank. They were top of the table and we are about in the middle of the table, but the bad news was that we lost. The score was 36 nil. However, I still enjoyed the game.

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  1. great work!Nice game of netball to ,keep trying to win , it is good that you still like the game and you girls got it all right .