Thursday, 15 August 2013

Charlotte's Report on Food and Digestion

Food and the Digestive System
Been feeling down lately? Think back to what you had for afternoon tea and how that could maybe affect your Digestive System. Keep reading, it might just help you.

To keep healthy, you need to eat a variety of foods. Go foods are foods from the ground. These foods are wheat, fruit and vegetables. These foods have carbohydrates in them. Make sure you eat plenty of these.

Slow down foods are dairy products, eggs and meat. Meat contains protein and iron. Make sure you have these foods, but not too much of them.

Stop foods contain lots of fat, sugar, salt, oil and preservatives. Another word for preservatives is additives. Some of these foods are cake, chocolate, potato chips and lollies.

When you eat these foods, you chew them with your mouth, taste them with your taste buds and mix them with your saliva. They then enter the food tube called the oesophagus. From the oesophagus they go to the stomach. In the stomach they are churned and turned into tiny bits. From there they travel to the small intestine where they are broken down into tiny microscopic bits. The tiny microscopic bits enter the blood. From the blood they travel all around your body.

I hope you take on board some of these tips and facts to get a healthier you! 


  1. You wrote lots of interesting facts. I loved it.

    your friend Maia

  2. Thank you Charlotte for those interesting fact. i loved it