Monday, 18 November 2013

Kapa haka

Bianca, Hayley, Charlotte T, Luke, Lucas, Felicity, Travis and Peyton are all members of Sunnyhills Kapa haka Peformance Group. They went to every Friday morning practice on time and enthusiastic to sing waiata, perform haka and the poi.
I am so proud of you all. Kia kaha.

The following videos are the Kapa haka group celebrating their year at the last practice on Friday.


  1. Wow I never knew how in time us girls did the poi! I had a great time at the festival and hope to see all the members of kapa haka back next year. I will miss the year six's and hopefully enjoy having the new people participating. Hope all of us had a great 2013 kapa haka. :)

  2. Well done to everybody who did kapa haka! You guys looked amazing, you were all in time with each other and you all looked like you were having fun.