Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Visy Trip

Room 14’s Visy Trip on 31.07.13

Visy is also called MRF-Material Recovery Facility. (Amy A. and Hailey) It is in Onehunga, Auckland City. (Maia)

One hundred and fifty trucks dump their recyclable rubbish at Visy every day. (Felicity)

Recycling stops us filling up the world with landfills. (Trent)

The factory works 24/6. (Jesse)

When the recyclable rubbish arrives at Visy, men pick out the plastic bags and other unwanted stuff. (Mia)

The factory has conveyor belts to push the rubbish along so that it can be sorted when it reaches the machines. (Mikayla)

A beam of light (optic scanner) scans the recyclable items…it sends a message to the computer and air pressure sends the items into the right crate. (Irene) This sorting system is 97%-98% accurate. (Zarne)

A huge magnet sorts out the metal objects. (Amy T.)

Plastic bottles are sorted by their colour…clear, green, brown, white. (Emily)

If someone discovered a way to recycle plastic bags, Meredith said that they would get really rich. (Luke)

Pringles containers can be recycled because they are made of 3 recyclable products…cardboard, metal and plastic. (Philip)

Plastic bottles and aluminium cans are crushed and put in bales. The bales go into containers to send overseas. (Neo)

Recycling trucks dump rubbish by lifting up the back part to unload the rubbish.  Slamming on the brakes helps to get all the rubbish down. (Macy)

Paper and cardboard are soaked with water and then the staples are sieved out. (Bianca)

Plastic gets made into little pieces in NZ and sent overseas where they make the pieces into tiny beads. When it comes back to NZ it gets made into moulds. They heat and blow up the mould to make coke and lemonade bottles. (Amy A.) Then they fill them up and send them to the supermarkets again. (Yue You)

Meredith told us to scrunch up tinfoil before putting it in your recycle bin so that it doesn’t jam the machinery. (Peyton)

Polystyrene is not recyclable. Supermarkets are being encouraged to find recyclable trays for fruit and meat. (Travis)

Aluminium is the only recyclable product that can be recycled forever. (Charlotte T.) This makes it very valuable. (Ben)

Some glass cannot be recycled because it has chemicals in it…e.g.   the glass in a vase, the glass you drink out of and window glass. Glass containers that contain food products can be recycled.  (Nicole and Hailey)

85,000 tonnes of recyclable items are processed annually. (Blake)




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  1. thank-you so much Visy recycling center.We learnt a lot.